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Approx. Annual Return: Specifically, the approximate net annualized return for all payments received through the end of September 2016 from all offerings completed through... NextSeed US LLC (“NextSeed”) and NextSeed TX LLC (“NextSeed TX”), an affiliate of NextSeed, since launch of the NextSeed TX platform in April 2015 through the end of September 2016, calculated in accordance with the Total Net Annualized Return (TNAR) methodology explained further here. Currently, this TNAR calculation only includes offerings completed on NextSeed TX to date as there is not yet an applicable TNAR for offerings completed on NextSeed. Net Annualized Return (NAR) for each investment varies subject to its terms and is calculated based on cash payments made by the respective issuer. No assumptions are made with respect to potential defaults by issuers. The TNAR for each investor will differ depending on, among other factors, his or her account size, investment amounts and portfolio allocation among different offerings. This figure is provided for general informational purposes only. Prospective investors should not assume that they will experience returns, if any, comparable to this figure or those experienced by investors in any prior NextSeed TX or NextSeed offerings. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and should not be relied upon or interpreted to be a prediction of performance of investments offered through NextSeed TX. In making any investment decision, investors should rely on their own examination of each issuer and the terms of each offering, including the merits and risks involved. Amount Invested: Only includes amounts invested in... Read More offerings completed through NextSeed or NextSeed TX through the end of September 2016. The aggregate amount invested through NextSeed is $816,200 and the aggregate amount invested through NextSeed TX is $1,303,500. Read Less

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You invest $200
in McDowell's
You get paid by McDowell's You get paid by McDowell's You get paid by McDowell's You get your
$200 back + more ?
You invest $200
in McDowell's
You get paid by McDowell's You get paid by McDowell's You get your
$200 back + more ?

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